Splash Water Wise Program

Teaching swimmers to be safe and comfortable in the water.

The Splash Water Wise Program is a unique program designed to teach swimmers how to be safe and comfortable in the water. After safety and comfort are achieved, each swimmer progresses through a series of levels at their own pace to perfect their stroke techniques and to learn appropriate and adaptable safety skills. Registration begins at the pool on opening day.

Group swimming lesson classes are provided at each facility in accordance with their pool hours. Classes are typically held one to two hours prior to your pool’s general swim hours. Feel free to contact us at amy@splashpoolservices.com for specific class times.

Select Your Community Pool to Sign Up for Lessons

Private lessons and semi-private lessons are also available at your request and convenience. Please speak with the pool manager to make arrangements.

2017 Group Lesson Session Dates

Classes run Monday-Friday the first week and Monday-Thursday the second week. Make-up classes will be held the second Friday, as needed.

  • Session 1 June 5 – June 16
    • Deadline to register – June 1
  • Session 2 June 19 – June 30
    • Deadline to register – June 15
  • Session 3 July 10 – July 21
    • Deadline to register – July 6
  • Session 4 July 24 – August 4
    • Deadline to register July 20

Levels 1 through 4 classes run for 25 minutes.

Levels 5, 6 & the Specialty Levels run for 40 minutes.

Classes Offered

Introduction to the Water – A Parent and Child Class

  • Level 1 Water Exploration
  • Level 2 Introduction to Swimming
  • Level 3 Beginning Swimming
  • Level 4 Stroke Achievement
  • Level 5 Swim Team Ready
  • Level 6 Advanced Stroke Development

Registration begins at the pool on opening day. Feel free to contact us prior to opening day to inquire about specifics.

For details on requirements for each level, please see the swimming lesson notebook at your pool. You may also ask an instructor for help or you may email us at amy@splashpoolservices.com