Case Study: The Shelton Family Loves Fort Collins Swimming Lessons at Splash Swim School

Are you considering Fort Collins swimming lessons as a gift for your child this holiday season? Or perhaps you’re thinking ahead to spring break and want your child to be water-wise before you travel. Fort Collins swimming lessons are a smart way to prepare your children for future water-safe activities and give yourself the peace of mind that your child will be able to safely navigate the water. As a parent, we all know that peace of mind is priceless. To give you a behind-the-scenes look at one family’s experience at Splash Swim School, we’ve interviewed Kate Shelton, mom of Amelia, who is currently enrolled in kids swimming lessons Fort Collins at Splash Swim School.


Tell us about your swimmer. How old is Amelia? What type of class does Amelia attend at Splash? How long has she been at Splash Swim School?

My swimmer’s name is Amelia and she has attended Fort Collins swimming lessons at Splash Swim School since June of 2018. Amelia started swim school just after her third birthday in the Pre-Level 1 Class. She has since moved up to the next level and absolutely loves swim school so far. Skill-wise, Amelia has made great progress in her water safety skills in terms of being able to float, climb out of the pool, and recognize (and mostly utilize) safe behaviors around the water. Kids Fort Collins swimming lessons have given her great confidence in her abilities and are a fun activity for our family.



Did Amelia attend swimming lessons anywhere else prior to coming to Splash, or is this her first experience with swimming lessons?

Splash Swim School is the first official swim school we’ve tried, but she had swum in pools and in the ocean plenty prior to starting. She was comfortable in the water, but our biggest concern was her lack of a healthy respect for the dangers of water. She was absolutely unafraid of the water. This, coupled with her lack of swimming abilities, was a terrifying combination. Fort Collins swimming lessons at Splash have been a great way for her to build on her love of the water, while dramatically increasing her propensity to be safe in and around the water.


What drew you to Splash Swim School?

Originally, Splash just fit into our schedule better with Friday, weekend, and evening classes than other Fort Collins swimming lessons options out there. I’d also heard really good things about it from other parents. So far we’ve been very pleased and have recommended kids Fort Collins swimming lessons at Splash to many others.


As a parent, what is your favorite part about Splash?

Aside from the peace that comes from knowing my kid is learning invaluable life-saving swimming and water skills, I just love how fun Splash has been for my girl. She genuinely loves going to swim school and is so proud to tell her family about the progress she’s making. Splash is a great activity for our whole family that combines fun with important lessons she couldn’t learn at home.


What is Amelia’s favorite part about Splash?

Amelia is a water baby and always has been! She loves any excuse to bathe, swim, or play in the water, so her favorite part is simply just having an opportunity to swim every week! Splash does a good job of making the classes fun so she doesn’t even notice it’s “work” or a “class.” Amelia absolutely loves Fort Collins swimming lessons at Splash.


What advice would you give other parents considering Fort Collins swimming lessons?

Just do it! Water safety is SO important for little kids. It’s one of the best investments you can make for your child’s health and wellbeing, not to mention their confidence and overall happiness. If you’re considering swimming lessons for kids in Fort Collins, I would highly recommend Splash!  


At Splash Swim School, our custom-made swimming lessons program is uniquely designed to teach swimmers how to be safe and comfortable in the water. After safety and comfort are achieved, each swimmer progresses through a series of levels at their own pace to perfect their stroke techniques and to learn appropriate and adaptable safety skills. You can contact us anytime to learn more about the classes we offer and find out if Fort Collins swimming lessons at Splash are right for your family!

Fort Collins swimming lessons are a smart way to prepare your children for water-safe activities and give yourself the peace of mind that your child will be able to safely navigate the water.