“Aqua Therapy Near Me” Can Help Manage Pain
















Did you know that certain conditions and injuries are best treated while you are in the water? If you’re looking for “aqua therapy near me,” we can help! Whether you are a physical therapist looking to offer your clients aqua therapy, or a physical therapy patient researching new ways to help manage pain, you’re in the right place. Splash Swim School’s pool is available for use during our open swim hours for Physical Therapists and their patients or just anyone looking for a warm pool to practice low impact movements!


How “Aqua Therapy Near Me” Can Help

Aquatic therapy (or water therapy) uses the natural buoyancy of water to facilitate exercise without the compressive loading forces present with routine land-based physical therapy programs. While the patient is submerged in water, buoyancy assists in supporting their weight. This water exercise decreases the amount of weight-bearing, which reduces the force of stress placed on the joints. When searching for “aqua therapy near me,” be sure to select an indoor pool near me with warm water, which will help relax the muscles and increase blood flow to the injured areas. 


“Aqua Therapy Near Me” at Splash Swim School

We love hosting a variety of different activities at Splash Swim School, and aqua therapy near me” is one of them. Physical therapists and patients will love our warm 88°F pool, and our open swim hours from 12:30-2pm on weekdays are the perfect time for a quiet and enjoyable aqua therapy session. 

Located on the northwest corner of Prospect Road and Shields Street in Fort Collins, our swim school offers an indoor, warm water pool with open swim hours available for anyone to use. Fort Collins physical therapists and physical therapy patients, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have questions about using our pool for your aqua therapy session. Please note that Splash Swim School does not offer physical therapy, but we offer our pool to physical therapists and their patients. 

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