Prepare for Summer Break by Enrolling in Swimming Lessons Fort Collins!

swimming lessons fort collins

Let’s ensure that your summer break memories are made of sunshine and swimming instead of a scary or dangerous situation. It’s no fun to think about water-related accidents happening, but we have to because they do happen. By enrolling your kids in swimming lessons Fort Collins, you can ensure your kids are water-wise this summer so all the memories your family makes will be happy ones!

It’s important to realize that drowning remains the second leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1-14 in the United States. At Splash Swim School, we aim to eliminate these occurrences by providing the proper resources to educate you and your family about the dangers of water. When you enroll your child into swimming lessons Fort Collins at Splash Swim School, we will teach safety, buoyancy, correct body position, how to safely enter and exit the water, and (depending on their skill level) basic stroke movements and much more. Throughout the class, each swimmer will build confidence and learn to understand the importance of water safety to help mitigate dangerous behaviors around the water. Learn more about our private and group swimming lessons here.

In addition to attending swimming lessons Fort Collins, everyone should understand some basic water safety tips to help prevent an accident from happening.

Here are 5 important water-safety tips to remember during summer break:  

  1. Always watch your children and never leave them unattended near water. Stay within an arm’s reach at all times.


  1. Never let children swim alone. Always designate a swimming buddy before visiting a beach or pool!


  1. If you see someone struggling in the water, yell for help and reach or throw something to them — don’t go into the water to try to help. People have drowned because they enter the water trying to rescue someone. If you cannot reach or throw something to the person, go and get help!


  1. United States Lifesaving Association statistics show that over a ten-year period, the chance of drowning at a beach without lifeguard protection is almost five times as great as drowning at a beach with lifeguards. Keep your family safe this summer and swim only on beaches with a lifeguard on duty!


  1. Wear a lifejacket! If your family plans to be on a boat of any kind, everyone on the boat should wear a lifejacket. You never know when something may happen, and you may not have time to put it on. And remember that pool noodles and floaty toys do not count as a personal flotation device!

We want everyone — children and adults — to be comfortable and safe around the water! Swimming lessons Fort Collins at Splash Swim School are always available – you don’t have to wait for the next session to start. Contact us today if you have any questions and if you’re ready to get yourself or your kids enrolled. We can do it right away!