We offer “perpetual enrollment and billing” meaning that you can start at your convenience. Find a class and register at any time. We will prorate your monthly fee for the first month and bill accordingly each following month.
Follow this link to fill out a registration form and choose your class(es).
Fill out the registration form on this link. As soon as we recieve the regisration form we will call you to set up the class(es). OR – call us anytime for help!
Give us 30 days notice and we’ll stop billing you.
Registration fees: $25/student max of $50/family
Group Lesson Tuition fees: $70 for 1 class/month or $135 for 2 classes/month per student
Private Lessons: $40/private lesson or buy 5 get 1 free packages
Semi-Private Lessons: $25/student/class or buy 5 get 1 free packages per student

We discount our registration fee after the 2nd family member registers. Maximum of $50/family.

We offer low-income households a 50% discount. Please call for details.

We are happy to set up a trial class for you depending on availability. Please call to make an appointment.
A towel, swimsuit, and goggle IF the swimmer is used to using them.
Non-toilet trained swimmers must be double diapered (2 swim diapers).
We do not offer make-up classes; however, your swimmer is welcome to attend Open Swim free of charge to “make-up” their time in the water.


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