About us

Splash Pool Services, Inc. is a full service swimming pool management company located in Fort Collins, Colorado servicing all of Northern Colorado. Since 2000 we have specialized in the management and operation of Homeowners Association swimming pools. We are pleased to offer comprehensive aquatic facility management including lifeguard services, swimming lessons, risk management assessments, swim team, water aerobics, pool maintenance, community event organization, lifeguard services for private functions, pool parties and other events, as well as membership tracking. We take care of hiring, training, scheduling, paying and insuring all of our staff members. We also perform servicing and repairs on a time and materials basis including openings, winterizations, repairs, consultation, chemical sales and delivery, equipment and parts sales.

We are thrilled to introduce Splash Swim School, our first brick and mortar facility!

Located on the northwest corner of Prospect Road and Shields Street in Fort Collins, our swim school offers an indoor, warm water pool with small class sizes for all ages. Splash Swim School is dedicated to cultivating safe water practices and an enjoyable water environment in the northern Colorado region. The school specializes in swimming lessons, private pool parties, camps, lifeguard certification and among other services. Join us at any time throughout the year!


  • To provide a safe, clean, fun and friendly environment for the enjoyment of the pool members.
  • To ensure the highest quality lifeguarding, swimming lessons, and maintenance services anywhere.
  • To maintain superior water quality.
  • To provide and encourage open communication between our company and the communities we serve.
  • To seek new ideas and technologies in the swimming pool industry for the benefit of our clients, our employees and ourselves.
  • To pledge an ongoing, exceptional level of quality service with reasonable prices designed and implemented to meet our clients’ specific needs and criteria. We want you to spend time enjoying your pool… not worrying about it.
  • To never become complacent and self-satisfied, always reevaluating and seeking self-improvement.

SplashIn! Membership Tracking and Pool Management Software

After years of working with Homeowner Association’s across Northern Colorado, one common concern has been consistently brought to our attention – unauthorized access to their facilities. Splash has had the unique opportunity to observe communities trying many different solutions; wristbands, pool tags, pool codes, etc., but their pools still weren’t secure! Learning from their efforts, we solved the problem! Our custom software utilizes photos as well as other demographically unique information to identify current members. But that’s not all….

Our SplashIn! program can be tailored to document and track vital information about pool usage; who is using the pool and when, track guest passes, monitor chemistry and water quality as well as other maintenance routines. Our software can provide community leaders and pool managers with custom reports on demand. This results in decreased liability and risk exposure which equates to lower costs for all homeowners!

To find out how your facility can be more securely managed, email Amy at amy@splashpoolservices.com.

Communities do not have to be managed by Splash to utilize this program.


Amy Casady

Co-Founder, President and Management Coordinator

Jon Casady

Co-Founder, Vice President and Secretary

Jamie Machin

Director of Maintenance

Ali Baptist

Lead Aquatics Coordinator

Meridith McCann

Aquatics Coordinator