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Our custom-made program is uniquely designed to teach swimmers how to be safe and comfortable in the water.

After safety and comfort are achieved, each swimmer progresses through a series of levels at their own pace to perfect their stroke techniques and to learn appropriate and adaptable safety skills.

Group Lessons | Private Lessons | Semi-Private Lesson

Group Lessons

Group Lesson Course Description

Group lessons are perpetual enrollment classes – you will be billed monthly until your swimmer un-enrolls from the class.

  • $70 per month* for 1 class per week
  • $135 per month* for 2 classes per week
  • One-time $25 registration fee (maximum of $50/family)
  • *based on a 4-week month

Not sure what level to sign up for? Check out our Placement Wizard.


This is our very first group class for infants and their parent or guardians. Each swimmer will have an adult in the water with them. Through fun games and songs, the parent will learn how to enter and exit the pool safely with their child, proper holding techniques to begin the learn to swim process correctly and other teaching techniques to ensure their child has a wonderful first experience with swimming to instill the love of this lifelong activity. Infants must be at least 6 months old to participate.

Pre-Level 1

Introduction to Swimming Lessons- This level is designed for children who are ready for independent swimming lessons but are either not yet 3 years old or have not been in a group setting on their own before. Swimmers in this class are introduced to the Level 1 skills of safety, buoyancy, and correct body position. Throughout this level swimmers will build confidence, learn to float and swim on their own, and become safe in larger group swimming lessons. Swimmers must be 2-4 years old and have previously taken a Parent Tot class if they are not yet 3.

Level 1

Introduction to Swimming – Swimmers must be at least 3 years old and able to participate in a group environment on their own (time to cut the cord parents!). Swimmers will learn the fundamentals of safety, buoyancy, and correct body positioning. By the end of this level they are able to float independently, safely get themselves from the middle of the pool to the side and exit the water independently.

Level 2

Beginning Swimming – Swimmers must be able to float independently, safely get themselves from the middle of the pool to the side and exit the water independently. Throughout this level, swimmers will build on the foundations they have learned to become proficient in freestyle and backstroke. They will be confident in deep water as well as master safety skills relative to their age and ability.

Level 3

Advanced Stroke Development: Swimmers are now ready to take on breaststroke and butterfly, perfect their freestyle and backstroke technique, as well as build up their overall endurance in the water. Advanced safety skills will also be covered. They will be ready to move onto swim team after graduating from this level.

Not sure which level is right for your swimmers?  Check out our Placement Wizard. Or feel free to call us with any questions regarding placement. We are happy to provide a complementary skills test to ensure proper placement upon request.

Private Lessons

Private Lesson Description:

Swimmers will receive individualized attention with their very own instructor! You can request a specific instructor and arrange the class when it’s convenient for you instead of trying to arrange your schedule around a group class commitment. You set the goals you want your swimmer to attain and we’ll take it from there!

  • Details: 30 minute classes 1 swimmer & instructor
  • Dates/times offered: Please call us to schedule the lesson
  • Cost per 30-minute class
    • : $40
    • “Buy 5, Get 1 Free” packages also available!

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-Private Lesson Description

A small group of 2-3 swimmers work to accomplish their specific goals with the attention of one swim instructor. You get to set the goals for your swimmers and also have the ability to request the instructor of your choice. Class times are flexible and can be arranged to conveniently fit into your busy schedule rather than arranging your schedule around a predetermined group class time.

  • Details: 30 min class up to 3 swimmers
  • Dates/times offered: Please call us to schedule the lesson
  • Cost per 30-minute class:
    • 2 Swimmers – $25 per swimmer
    • 3 Swimmers – $20 per swimmer
    • “Buy 5, Get 1 Free” packages also available!