Private Swim Lessons Near Me

The Stevens Family Loves Private Swim Lessons Near Me at Splash Swim School

Private Swim Lessons Near Me


It’s never too early or late to enroll yourself or your children in swimming lessons. Knowing how to swim is a life-saving skill that every person can benefit from. At Splash Swim School, we offer a variety of options for swimming lessons developed with different learning styles in mind. Our group classes are kept small so that each swimmer gets the attention they deserve. We also offer “private swim lessons near me” for children and adults who prefer one-on-one learning. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at one family’s experience with “private swim lessons near me” at Splash Swim School. We interviewed Kate Stevens, mom of Quinn, who is currently enrolled at Splash.


Tell us about your swimmer. How old is he? What type of class does your son attend at Splash? How long has he been at Splash Swim School?

My son, Quinn, is 5½ years old. He is currently in the Level 2 class at Splash. He started with Splash in February 2017.


What drew you to Private Swim Lessons Near Me at Splash Swim School?

I found Splash Swim School online, had driven by the location several times, and after speaking on the phone with them, felt like it would be a good fit for us!


As a parent, what is your favorite part about Splash?

I love being able to sit and watch Quinn swim in the sweet viewing area. I have also loved all of the teachers Quinn has had over the years!


What is Quinn’s favorite part about Splash?

He loves how FUN it is! While they are learning, the teachers always incorporate games and imagination into learning. Recently, he’s been loving the diving practice.


What advice would you give other parents considering swimming lessons?

Be patient and stick with it! Kids learn at different levels and may not jump right from one level to the next. But, as you continue to go weekly, you’ll notice the improvementmost importantly, building confidence in the water. This is the only class we have continued doing weekly. It’s so important for kids to be comfortable in the water and feel safe and confident.

Private Swim Lessons Near Me“Private swim lessons near me” are great for families who want to fast-track their swimming lessons and/or who want individual attention in the water. Even though our group swimming lessons are kept small (2-4 kids per class), sometimes “private swim lessons near me” are a better fit for some people. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about swimming lessons for yourself or your children. We offer adult classes too!